I find it much easier to write something when I have been drinking coffee

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One of my favorite writing memories is from third grade. This was a very uncomplicated time where there was no stress. The teacher made us make up histories and write down. I remember mine was something about princesses and a castle. Even [though] this was a school assignment, it was fun to write, because I could write anything I want to, and to expand my creativity and enjoy.


Her true inspiration was gone

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But the longing persisted until one day she just did it. She started a blog, with a million, unrelated, incohesive ideas swimming in her head that likely had no practical place in this world, and surely no connection for a single unified blog. But it spoke to her. It made her feel inspired, made her want to chase all the moments of life that made her feel inspired.


If you really want to know me, you’ll read my writing

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Writing is the best way in which I can express and describe my thoughts. I’m so glad I decided to study linguistics ‘cause I want to know every way to communicate. I want to be as clear as I can, I’m articulate. But I want you to hear me when I write though, come and feel my vibe sometime co. Described as 80s fine, island time, a ride or die, you won’t deny. You’ll see, you’ll realize.

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Nobody got wind of my absence from social media for a day

I did this to know whether I have willpower to do this. Well by doing this I did find peace, happiness and most importantly I had a great time with my parents.

In the end I would say that it was fun to take this challenge and completed it successfully & I would try it for 48 hrs. or 72 hrs. surely next time.